Decoding Digits Of The HSN

Decoding Digits Of The HSN

Dated : 10 Sep, 2018

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Decoding digits of the HSN Code

The entire HSN module consists of 21 sections, which have 99 chapters, broken down into about 1244 headings and 5224 sub-headings. The technical and technological intricacy of a product defines, which section and chapter, they should fall into. Like, all the natural products like vegetables, animal produce etc. take the first seats in the initial sections, whereas the complex products like heavy industrial machinery etc. lie towards the end. Processed cotton comes earlier than natural or uncombed cotton.

While the sections hint about the broader family, the chapters go in deep details and categorize more specifically. For instance, Section 11 talks broadly about textile and its produces while the Chapter 62 of Section 11 particularly describes accessories for men and women.


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