Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Data Security is most confidential for every client and organization. Various security related issues are listed below for the Data integrity and the Data confidentiality.


1. Employees Data Confidentiality.

2. Network IT Security.

3. Premises & Floor Security.


Employees Data Confidentiality:

- Confidential Non-disclosure Agreement is signed by Each Employee.

- No access to personal e-mail and Internet.


Network IT Security:

  • Paperless environment and Printer access restricted.
  • Regular security audits are performed.
  • SSL Secure network and electronic locks on every access.
  • Regular Virus checking through Antivirus.
  • All data is backed up on a regular basis in server


Premises & Floor Security:

  • CCTV monitoring 24X7.
  • Power Backup and Disaster management system within the Office Building.
  • Firefighting equipment throughout the building
  • lockers for all employees to prevent taking personal belongings on to production floor.


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